Monday, February 6, 2012

february bike rides and bring on the juice

The beauty of this impossibly warm winter is that I got not just one but TWO bike rides in this weekend.  Saturday I rode in a rain suit - it was reasonably warm, but definitely threatening precipitation.  Yesterday I rode in brilliant sunshine, without even so much as a coat (just jeans, a sweater, a vest, a scarf, and gloves).   My legs were feeling it all a bit at bedtime - biking definitely works the muscles a bit differently than running.  Gotta love that discomfort of freshly-worked muscles - a feeling of progress!

Over the weekend I watched a documentary that I highly recommend, called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."  I saw so much of my journey in the last 13 months in that story.  More importantly, the film speaks enormous hope to the hopeless, where obesity is concerned.  Made me cry many good tears...and stirred me up some fresh inspiration as well.

The guy in the documentary went on a 60 day fresh-juice-only fast (as in, not bottled juice, but stuff made by dumping massive quantities of veggies and fruits into a juicer).  I suppose some would say the juice fast was the point of the story.  That wasn't the main thing I personally took from it.  Nonetheless, the film and quite a collection of conversations with my healthy-food-conscious friend back at JPUSA sort of gelled together to inspire me.  I'm ready to do some juicing - certainly not a 60 day fast, but I can definitely see the value of something shorter to do some "cleansing" and also possibly some hitting of the "reset" button in me. 

So I'm moving toward that.  I have finished reading my "Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant Based Nutrition" - it was quite interesting, AND it has recipes for "green smoothies" and other healthy juicer/blender drink concoctions.  Yesterday I bought a juicer, and then was promptly given another by friends, so soon I'll be returning the one I bought and using those funds for other stuff to make my kitchen more healthy-food friendly.  

If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd be drinking smoothies with green leafy veggies in them...well, I'd have wondered what you were smoking. I KNOW my JPUSA friend can surely remember the faces I have made while she described such concoctions! 

Just goes to show, you never know what you might grow into.

Happy Monday, all. 


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