Friday, November 4, 2011

report after dr. visit, and the scale is a meanie as usual

Guess I left y'all with kind of a cliff-hanger, what with me saying I was going to the doctor and then not coming back on to say what the doctor said.  Today's entry won't be much more satisfying than no news at all, but here it is:

The doctor didn't have any instant answers (which is how I knew this would have to go.)  I really like him - he listened very intently to everything I said, didn't hurry me, didn't shush me when I interrupted to add more information and further questions.  He took me very seriously, which I appreciated (if you've ever felt "dismissed" by a doctor, you understand perhaps how much I appreciate this guy.) 

Because heart health issues run rampant in my family, he did an EKG immediately.  Good news:  my heart's in good shape (which I guessed was the case)!  He also checked me over thoroughly, and had my blood drawn for a full array of screenings.  Next week I have appointments for a mammogram and a pelvic (oh joy).  We discussed a few possibilities, but he's not putting answers out there until he has test results in hand (which I appreciate).  If all the tests listed here don't bring conclusive results, we may follow up with a sleep study (I don't anticipate that happening...I'm 99% sure I don't have sleep apnea issues...but who knows.) 

Meanwhile I've come across an insight to a spiritual approach on this one, which I won't go into great detail on here.  Basically a prayer approach.  Gonna work on that this weekend. 

Told ya it wouldn't be a satisfying report.

In other news, I got weighed at the doctor's office...which, as you know, is something I've avoided like the plague because I KNOW how my mind works on that topic.  I don't want this "letting God teach me to love my body" project slide off into a diet and weight obsession.  But now I have a number.  

I have lost 50 pounds in the last year or year and a half.  Sounds like an encouraging number, eh?  Only I thought I had probably lost 70.  I weigh 225.  I thought I probably was in the 200 range.  (I HATE reporting numbers, but after all, this is the naked blog...)  So, as predicted, stepping on the scale was a frustrating and disappointing experience.  Bleh.  Ever since I weighed, I have had to go back to continually reminding myself and praying through getting my focus back where it goes:  loving my body, not counting stupid numbers.  

Gonna keep pushing and praying, and trusting that God will bring me back to that much better focus.

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