Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a night of failure that's behind me, and running in the chillllly

Last night was not a good night, where loving my body is concerned.  I've been really struggling with loneliness lately, and I just kind of felt buried by it last night.  So I found myself returning to old, bad patterns.  Too much food.  Too much TV.  (It is truly NOT a good thing that I have free cable provided where I live, but it's good, I guess, to have confirmed that before I move on to the next place, where I absolutely will not invite it back into my life.)  Too much moody funk.  I even felt the Lord reminding me as I was overindulging...prodding me to stop...but hey, when this girl is stubborn, she is STUBBORN.  Darn it.  I am so grateful that it's a new day and I can begin again, and a rough evening does not have to turn into a crappy series of choices without end.  

I checked the weather this morning as I was dressing for my said 22 DEGREES.  Hoo baby!  Coldest run yet!  I'm still working out the details on dealing with the cold.  I find it fascinating, how differently we each respond to the cold, and how different the solutions are.  For instance, my running tights.  When I was looking into ordering them, I read more than one runner's blog that said legs don't get that cold and you don't need to worry about layers there so much.  This is so very not true for me.  Heck, on Thanksgiving when I went on that 2 hour bike ride with my son, it was nearly 60 degrees outside, so I skipped the underlayer and just went in jeans.  I did not feel cold the entire fact, I had to unzip my jacket along the way, as I was overheating.  But when I got home, my thoroughly chilled thunder thighs kept me cold for something like 4 hours.  Even wrapped up in 4 blankets, I couldn't get warm.  Every time I'd pull my hands out of my very warm armpits and reach down to feel, there was sooooo much COLD radiating from my thighs, even though from the waist up I was radiating heat and more heat.  So for me...I gotta have layers on my legs.

Another friend who worked outdoors for years said that if she keeps her core warm, the rest of her is fine.  That is basically the opposite of the approach I used in all my years of winter horseback riding and later when I was a part time paper carrier...I always found that if I kept my head, face, hands, and feet basically didn't matter what I wore around my core.  I was warm.  And with my running, the layers I wear DO keep my core as warm as I think I can stand for it to be while running.  Still have cold face and cold hands (the wool socks are keeping my feet nicely warm, despite wearing mesh shoes...isn't that amazing?)  

So this morning I left my glasses at home, since the anti fog solutions I've tried to date have not worked.  I wrapped that silly looking face warmer around my head along with my headband and off I went.  The good news:  apparently I can run around outside without glasses, despite not being able to see much, and not hurt myself.  Also, I am able to breathe through the face warmer, though I hate the icky wetness of it (still dreaming of the terrorist's probably just a matter of WHEN for getting that thing).  My fingers got cold to the point of numb, even though I was wearing my skinny gloves.  Looks like it's time to bring out the mittens for layering.  Wee ha!  

If you're wondering, NO, I am not yet tempted to go inside for my run.  I'll keep playing with the layers and enjoying the quiet dark of the morning for as long as I can hold out. 

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