Monday, November 14, 2011

cranking up the running another notch, and enjoying fressssssh milk!

This morning it was time to advance my running routine again.  After 5ish minutes of warmup walking, I did 3 rounds of:

2 minutes slower jogging
8 minutes faster running

Followed by 5ish minutes of cool down walking.  Man...that first 2 minutes of jogging I was going sooooo slow, just dreading the very prospect of 8 minutes faster!  But it was absolutely do-able and didn't even make me feel like I was gonna puke.  AWESOME.  

I spent yesterday recovering from the great bike ride.  I didn't want to get out of bed AT ALL.  While my legs (and even my knees!) were basically fine, everything else hurt.  Arms, back, chest, neck.  My abs feel like I did 1000 sit-ups, probably because I was constantly shifting my pelvis, trying to alleviate bike seat pain.  And ooooooohhhhh bike seat pain recovery...golly...I'll spare ya the details, 'k?   Let's just say thank God for Aleve for pain relief, and coffee for enough stimulation to keep me up and mobile through church, and no need to sit a-straddle of anything at all anytime soon.  I'm still was totally worth it.  Even as my arms and neck and abs continue to complain a bit this morning.  Totally.  Worth it.  

Yesterday I got my first of what will be a biweekly delivery of one gallon of raw, farm-fresh milk from pastured, grass/organic fed cows.  OH MAN.  I remembered from when I was a kid and the neighbor provided us milk from their cow that it is soooo good.  Beautiful layer of yellow cream on top, most of which I carefully skimmed off into a separate container.  It was good in my tea this morning and will be even better on fruit tonight.  Can't go overboard on it cuz that's plenty of fat...but the important thing here is it's not full of chemicals/steroids/etc.  Good clean food.  YUMMY good clean food.  Color me happy.  The milk was awfully good on my oatmeal, too.

Happy Monday, all. 

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