Friday, November 18, 2011

tights, ice, hat, scale...say it 3 times fast...

I tried out my new Under Armor running tights this morning under my running pants.  I LOVE EM!  They are very comfy, very warm.  They feel GREAT.  And my legs no longer great frozen slabs of cellulite at the end of my run, which is a definite positive. 

There is a water leak in the middle of the road on the hill I climb every morning on the way to my run.  Water has been bubbling up out of it steadily for months, with no sign that the City of Rock Island has any intention of addressing it.  Yesterday at work I made an inquiry on that front, since our seniors drive up and down that hill and ice on it would be NOT GOOD NEWS, to put it mildly.  The City, it seems, is deciding whether it's their problem or a homeowner's responsibility.  Uhh...water bubbling out of the exact middle of the street?!  Seems like they're complicating a simple thing to me, but maybe there's something I don't understand.  In the end, the part that applies to me is:  this morning it was under freezing temps, and that meant I had to cross snot-slippery ice on my way up (I did it well) and on my way back down (I almost fell).  It looks to me like there is a way around it all if I cut across the "back yard" of the property here.  Guess I'll try that, unless and until the City decides to take care of its business.

I'm working on solutions for not freezing my face while I run.  I thought I found the perfect solution yesterday, but apparently my son and many others think I would look like a terrorist or burglar or something when I wear it.  Uhh.  I don't need negative police interactions at 5 AM.  So I guess I'll keep working on that....but I gotta work it out SOON.  The wind was brisk this morning and my cheeks are still burning from it!

I keep forgetting to mention:  at my lovely horrible doctor visit on Tuesday, I got weighed, of course.  I was 3 pounds down from my previous appointment.  See, this is why I don't trust numbers:  while I've been diligently exercising, my eating is NOT quite as good as it was.  I am noticing my portion sizes have been getting bigger again.  I shouldn't be down 3 pounds....that number should be UP by my calculations.  All the more reason I'm NOT going to start weighing regularly anytime soon. 

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