Monday, October 31, 2011

call the wah-mublance

I'm getting tired of writing about being tired (not to mention, darn PAST tired of being tired!)  After Saturday night's early bedtime, I slept in a bit on Sunday morning.  Dragged my tired self out of bed and off to church (tempted all along the way to just stay in bed.)  Thoroughly enjoyed church, but (despite being anything but bored) I yawned continuously through the service and tears ran down my face from the many yawns I more or less suppressed.  

A quick lunch after church and guessed it...back to bed, for most of the rest of the day (though I did manage to get up long enough to do a few basic chores...I'm getting behinder on those as I sleep so much of my days away.)

This morning, once again I needed a 30 minute nap before leaving for the office at 7:55.  Tired and foggy-brained all morning.  Finally felt quite a bit better during and after lunch.  Home at 5...on my back on the couch by 5:30.  It's 7:17 and I'm ready to sleep for the night within the next half hour or so.

I've worked up a document for my doctor appointment.  A list of supplements, my regular exercise regimen, some notes on the way I eat.  On the back side of the page, a history of this fatigue problem.  Putting it all in bullet points...yikes.  I'm glad the doctor is in 2 more days.  

Meanwhile, to exercise or not?  This morning, I didn't run, because it seems not fair to my employer if I continually make running a priority but cannot manage to stay at work a full day.  My hope was to leave enough of a reserve of energy for a full work day.  I guess it worked?  Tomorrow night I probably can't go to Zumba as I have a meeting at work that will run too late, I think.  Not a big deal, I reckon, since I'm so rarely up for remaining upright after work anyway.  

This feels like the whiniest post ever.  Good night, folks. 

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