Tuesday, November 15, 2011

doctor visit, thoughts on labs, and dreaming of a wii

Today I had my *ahem* dreaded female doctor visit, which my doctor had promptly recommended at my last visit when he saw I was a bit overdue.  Oh joy.  That's whatever.  It's over, hallelujah.  The nurse frowned when she took my blood pressure and asked if it usually runs high.  I knew even before she frowned that it was going to be bad...while it does NOT run high, once in awhile under stress I can literally feel that it's up.  And I had started freaking out about this appointment the minute I got in the car - I can be tough about some things, but this particular appointment brings out the wimp in me, thanks to some old bad baggage from an insensitive doctor from over 30 years ago (never doubt you can have a lasting influence on another...just try not to have the kind that doctor has had on me!)  So I just frowned at the poor nurse and told her, "No, it's usually fine...I just hate these kinds of appointments that much."  I'm sure my blood pressure will raise again next week...after all...that's when my lovely mammogram is scheduled.  (Fun and more fun!)

While I was there I picked up my prescription for my weekly Vitamin D.  A friend confided that she can never keep the commitment of a weekly dose of anything...too hard to remember.  That's why I love my little "old lady daily vitamin keeper."  Using it, I am about 1000% more faithful to my supplements than I am without it.  I read up on Vitamin D today - very important stuff!  The doctor also wants me to take a calcium supplement with Vitamin D in it daily, as well as a multivitamin.  While I was picking those up, I made sure the multivitamin has magnesium and zinc in it, since those do affect energy levels and even separate from the spiritual stronghold I just escaped, I have been a low-energy person my whole life.

Speaking of which:  anemia.  That's something I've had my whole life.  It wreaked havoc on my ability to donate blood, since I could so rarely pass the spin test.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, my iron was so low that the doctor had me taking the pregnancy vitamins PLUS an iron pill, and my numbers STILL shot low.  Tonight I have spent some more time studying my lab results more closely.  While the doctor only commented on my Vitamin D issue, there are 4 other numbers that are outside normal ranges on those sheets.  I went on a google spree, and quickly figured out that ALL 4 OF THEM are related to anemia.  That frustrates me, because I have this great diet and I take iron supplements and I take Vitamin C to help my body process the iron.  But anyway knowing that issue is there will help me be even more intentional in my diet.  I probably need to go back to the prescription my childhood doctor gave my mom for me:  liver once a week.  I love liver, so it wouldn't be hard.  I should probably do that. 

The good news is that all the diabetes-related numbers on my sheets are fantastic.  And my thyroid numbers are good.  And my cholesterol numbers are wonderful.  Well...my HDL ("good" cholesterol) is right on the borderline between "good" and "maybe you should raise that a bit."  Which puzzles me, cuz again, I have a great diet and I cook with extra virgin olive oil and I take fish oil (4 pills of it a day, even!) and all.  And I already am doing the non-diet suggested things to address it:  exercise and losing weight.

Meanwhile in other news, tonight was NOT kickboxing (that's on Thursday nights) - it was supposed to be Zumba.  I don't think I'm going back to the Zumba class I was taking, for reasons already explained on this blog.  I'd love to find a Zumba class with a slightly different focus and a teacher who will help me learn the fast parts without feeling like I'm going to damage my knees...or I've heard the Wii has a Zumba element...I am SOOO looking forward to the day I can get a Wii. 

Pretty sure I'm rambling on and on.  Better get to sleep so I can run in the morning.

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