Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the most important part of my day

I spent last evening shopping for Thanksgiving feast items and then baking pies.  Was up late, but didn't get packed for my 4-day weekend away from home.  I was tempted, as I snuggled down to sleep at almost 11 PM, to just spend this morning packing and skip my morning regimen.  But in the end, I decided that would be the most unloving thing I could possibly do at that hour of the morning, for both body and soul.

Here's the thing:  I NEED to start my day the way I do.  It sets a tone and a priority and hones my focus.  I realized this morning that it has gone from a "good habit," done because I "ought to," to a non-negotiable, done because it's by far what is best for me.  

Here's the morning routine on the weekdays that I run:

5-5:20 AM  Wake, brush teeth, brush hair, get dressed, stretch.
5:20-5:55 AM  Run
6-6:30 AM Shower, dry hair
6:30-7:30 AM Breakfast with my morning readings, write grat list, write blog if I have something to say
7:30-7:55 Get dressed, do makeup, fuss around the place a bit
7:55 Head down the hall to work

On non-running mornings, I hit "snooze" until 5:40ish and then get up and jump into the rest of the routine.  When I get a DVD player and a TV that will actually connect to that player, I hope, on my non-running mornings, to do a T-tap thing that a friend strongly recommends.  But that's gonna be awhile, as I can't make those electronics a priority until I've taken care of finding an apartment. 

If I had skipped all of that this morning to pack....well, I'd be packed.  And that would be nice.  But I'd be begun with a "gotta get stuff done" mentality instead of this great feeling that I've started the day out loving the body God gave me, and spending intentional time with Him.  I know from experience that I'd forget who is in charge and I'd wear myself out, trying to do His job.  

This is quite a bit more important than any dietary choices I could make at this point, as far as I am concerned.  As I press into loving God and taking care of myself, He'll continue growing me in better directions.  

I like that plan where I am less and He is more.  And I can always finish packing over my lunch break and/or right after work, anyway.

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