Tuesday, November 15, 2011

D is for deficiency, but E is for energy

I keep forgetting to mention that my labs came back over the weekend.  The doctor's note that came with them said I have a Vitamin D deficiency and need 50,000 units once per week.  I'll follow through on that, because chemistry is chemistry, but the fact is the exhaustion that so hindered me for more than a month was driven out by prayer and was long gone a week before the lab results got here.  In fact, I haven't yet gotten the Vitamin D.  So I'm on something like day 10 or 11 of normal energy, with not a single thing medically changed.  Sometimes the answer really is a spiritual one!

My abs are still complaining about that bike ride.  I'm taking an Aleve every 12 hours for pain relief, cuz when I don't, my abs ache to the point of distracting me from life.  I guess an entire day of unintentional "ab workout" (shifting my pelvis on a bike seat) really has lasting effect!  My arms and neck are still griping a bit too.  If this sounds like ME complaining, please let me clarify...it's more a victory chant.  Like....whatta workout!!! 

Tonight I am back to kickboxing.  I'm torn between looking forward to the fun of the class, and wanting to hibernate after work (cuz it's already dark and chilly outside by then).  Lack of momentum really is an enemy that just keeps dragging it's damned heels, eh? 

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