Friday, November 11, 2011

the mercury drops and the layers pile on

I really like running outside early in the morning.  It's dark.  It's quiet.  There are fewer reasons for me to have to acknowledge that others have the right to live, move, and make noise on my planet.  I really NEED my planet to basically be all mine for the first hour...or two...or three...of my day.  It takes me awhile to wake up enough to allow that others should be able to live and intrude upon my quiet zone.  What can I say...I'm a selfish jerk in the morning, okay?

So I'm really hoping I can transition into being a winter outdoor runner (and for that matter, cyclist as well).  I don't want to give it up for the season.  And I REALLY don't want to move indoors, where people will turn on lights and speak and turn on television programs that make me want to blow up planet earth (can you say Fox News?!)  It's not nice to want to blow up planet earth before 7 AM, after all.  

As the year advances, I've started checking the weather while I'm getting ready to run.  This morning it said 29 degrees.  What I know, from our Fantastic Prayer Walking Project a few years ago, in which we walked in all the best and worst weather:  29 degrees is a nice temperature to be out moving around...provided that you're dressed right.  So I piled on layers.  First my high-priced high tech sweat wicking underarmour shirt (long-sleeved).  Then the workout shirt a friend gave me...some kind of spandexy thing made in Vietnam (also long-sleeved).  Then a mesh-lined workout jacket I picked up at Goodwill last weekend for $4.  My regular running pants (gonna look into something warmer to wear under them right away...if you don't have "extra padding" on your butt and legs, you might not realize how much that layer of fat grabs the cold and holds onto it for hours and hours after exposure to it) and warm socks instead of the mesh-topped ones I've been wearing for running since I started this past spring.  Gloves...those little 99 cent wonders.  And of course my reflective vest and that extra-wide headband that keeps my ears warm and has little reflective stuffies on the back.  That's a lotta clothes!  Happily, it was enough for the day.  I have a big heavy hoodie I can throw on over it all, for the next step in warmth when the mercury drops.  Let's see how soon I need it.

I also peeked at tomorrow's weather.  Looks like I'll probably get my first-ever 50 mile bike ride in tomorrow.  WOO HOO!!!

And if you're wondering whether that spiritual answer to my physical exhaustion worked is day 8 of it looking like has!  Color me happy.  Speaking of which...

Happy Friday, all. 

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