Thursday, November 17, 2011

new tights are here, and other winter wear thoughts

I've spent some time in the last couple of weeks reading up on what to wear for running and for biking in the winter.  I've been happy to learn that my merino wool socks are high on the recommended list. both for biking and for running..I figured I'd need something all high-techy.  Also on the list for biking are the silk long underwear I already have.  A big element is layers, layers, layers and I've got most of the pieces for that.  I was lacking one major thing:  a good set of running tights.  I ordered a pair from Under Armor last week and they arrived yesterday.  These are the ones rated for the coldest weather...they're quite heavy, for light-weight clothing.  I'm looking forward to trying them out.

Now, I realize that many runners wear these kinds of tights as outerwear.  I won't be doing that...not at this size.  While it's quite black outside when I run in the morning, the prospect of someone's headlights panning across gray tights stretched across my great abundance of cellulite...well, let's just say it makes me shudder.  It's called UNDER Armor.  That's where I'll be wearing it.  These are XXL.  Maybe if I get down to L, I'll consider them as outerwear.  But I do believe the part of the world that must view me at 5 AM would thank me if they knew the choice I am making.    

I don't know if I'll have to buy winter shoes for running.  My Mizunos are very mesh.  What I read says I need protection from the moisture in winter.  So maybe I'll have more high-priced shoe shopping to do.  Ergh.

I think all else I've got left to buy for my winter active wear is a good hat.  My head is so big that I'll probably still need my extra-wide ear warmer that I wear now, even with the hat.  But keeping the lid on promises to hold my warmth, and as the temperature drops, I'm feeling quite serious on that topic.

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