Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanksgiving - a mix of success and failure

I've been catching up on emails and such all afternoon between laundry loads and unpacking, having been internet-less for 4 solid days while I was out of town.  Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!  

Looking back over the holiday weekend, I definitely had uhhh "mixed levels of success and failure," where loving my body is concerned.

Not Love:  I ate A LOT.  Enough to make myself just about unwilling to move.

Love:  I only did that once, at lunch on Thanksgiving.  And even that time, it wasn't half what it would have been a couple of years ago.  

Not Love:  I indulged in pie (both caramel and pumpkin, with a ton of cool whip on top) two nights in a row just before bedtime...not because I was hungry, but because it was there and yummy.

Love:  On the third night, I felt the pie temptation, and I didn't surrender to it.  I didn't feel GOOD about the not surrendering while I was doing it.  But in the morning, I sure was glad I had held the line.

Not Love:  I put insane amounts of butter in everything I cooked.  And ate bigger portions of leftovers than I ought to have, all weekend.

Love:  On Thanksgiving evening, I got on my bike and rode around my son's town with him for 2 hours, including quite a lot of uphill riding.  

Not Love:  On Saturday, while visiting a friend in prison, I ate pie with cool whip for breakfast (easy road food), as well as vending machine doritos and twix and soda for lunch (the only food available in the prison visiting area.)

Love:  On Friday morning, I rolled out of bed and ran my 2.2 miles, despite being in a strange place and off my routine.

Not Love:  Got home this afternoon with a major case of the funky blues,and responded to it by eating an entire of chow mein WITH noodles for supper (uggggg my stomach isn't made for that much food anymore!) after having already responded to it at breakfast by having...yes...pie with cool whip.

Love:  I got a lot of rest this weekend, and gave myself time for both fun reading and spiritual stuff as well as movies and generally fun hangouts with my son.  

Not Love:  Amidst my travels over the weekend, I sucked down an entire liter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Love:  I came home today and drank massive amounts of water.

Soooo....I'm no super star, by far.  But amidst the poor choices were some good ones.  And tomorrow is a new day, which always can equal:  a new beginning.

Bring it.

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