Sunday, August 29, 2010


Reasons to celebrate:

1.  This is the first Sunday since I started this eating plan that I haven't needed to use my "grace day" right up immediately on day 1 of the week.   My Sunday School class and I visited another church in the last of our church visits related to our ten-month "Survey of the Faith" series.  Getting the kids was a 45-minute trip; getting to the church was another 45 minutes.  I went heavy on the proteins this morning for breakfast and that sustained me through awesome church that lasted until 1 PM.  We did lunch out at Subway - easy to get a perfectly wonderful salad there with some sun chips and a no-sugar lemonade.  Snacked on a hard-boiled egg and then had lots of veggies with a wee bit of soy pasta and 6 shrimp for supper.  I'm not even using up one of my sweets for the week.  YAY for a well-disciplined Sunday!

2.  Tonight was my COWS meeting.  It was time for all of us to weigh.  I did this in a very non-dieter fashion...weighed at 5 PM, with my shoes on, having consumed a quart of water directly before arriving at the meeting.  Hey...guess what?  I find it nearly impossible to comprehend this, but:  I lost 14 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  NO KIDDING!

No big spiritual insights tonight.  I'm still in the Zone of Awesomeness, and my eating plan feels like the lap of luxury...just like the whole rest of my life, which seems to be a fantastic series of superlatives.

Ridin' that pink cloud as far as it will take me!

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