Sunday, August 22, 2010

grace day, and a wish to shift the focus

Today my plans were to visit some great friends after church.  When I reminded my friend I was coming to her house, she gladly let menu:  fried pizzas, homemade peach cobbler, homemade ice cream.  

Wooooo DOGgies!

See, this is why I built in the grace day.  If I married myself to absolutely no variation ever, then my choices would be:
                *back out of coming, so I could go home and eat veggies
                *rush to the grocery store and bring my own food to her house (not awkward at all, eh?!)
                *choose to "fast" during the visit (everyone loves a faster amidst the feast...)
I guess I like my choice of going, eating reasonable portions, and enjoying the day.  Hallelujah for a grace day!

On another note, it begins to distress me that I'm letting this blog slide into only food journaling.  COWS is certainly not supposed to be just another diet plan.  This is a SPIRITUAL approach; I find that my blog is not really going that direction.  

Noting it, praying about it, and hoping to shift the focus starting tomorrow.

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