Wednesday, August 18, 2010

examining violations as i summarize the day

The end of my day went pretty well, eating-wise, though I had a couple of violations of my plan.  I went out to visit my parents, and stayed for supper.  My mom has lost a tremendous amount of weight and cooks healthy.  The food was all good choices:

grilled lean pork chops (I had half of one, which was my first violation, since I'm out of red meat for the week - gotta pray about whether I need to do something to compensate for that, but feeling pretty good about only eating half of one - it was SO GOOD.)

corn on the cob from the garden (I had one ear with a tiny smidge of spray butter....since I had a sweet potato for lunch, I was out of "starchy veggies" for the day, so this was also a violation.)

sliced tomatoes from the garden WOW  yum

fresh green beans from the garden WOW yum again

So my tallies for the day:  1 bread, 1 fruit, 1 milk, 3.5 protein, and 8, yes EIGHT servings of vegetables!   And yes, I drank my 30 ounces of water - and had no soda today.

I'm thinking the light numbers on the first 3 compensate for the red meat - so I'm not going to do anything else to compensate for the variation/violation that happened today.

Onward and upward!

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