Thursday, August 26, 2010

less is more

I am finding, as I stick to portion control, that I'm really learning to enjoy each bite.  A bad thing thing that comes from a decades-long habit of extreme overeating is that one develops such a focus on the next bite, the next course, is there enough for seconds, what's for dessert, will this be good as a leftover...on and on....that it's easy to not notice THIS bite.  

Now when I know at the start that "this is it" and I'm not going to load up a second plate or find dessert or whatever...well, it makes THIS bite the focus of my attention.  

Food, after all, is not evil.  Like money, it's the excessive desire for it that is the trap.  

So at lunch today I really noticed what has been happening for a little while now:  I was stopping to really savor each bite, taking my time, in no hurry to get to the end.  

Which soaked me in gratitude.  

And that's where it's at!

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