Friday, August 20, 2010

iffy day

Hmm it was an iffy day, food-wise.

Breakfast:  toast, peanut butter, a treat of peach jam for one of my "sweets" options, skim milk, and green tea.

It was a coworker's birthday; she had brought...DUNKIN DONUTS.  Oh golly.  I've long thought those were the best donuts of all.  I tormented myself a bit and then decided to eat one, thereby using up ALL the rest of my sweets for the week.  Also resolved to have no more bread today, to compensate (I think I should count it as a bread in addition to being 2 sweets).  Truth:  it was fresh and very wonderful.  

Lunch was a working lunch.  I was very distracted and forgot, while ordering, that I was out of red meat options this week.  So, I enjoyed half a steak salad (picked every last crouton off) and a bowl of fresh fruit.

Hard boiled egg for a snack.

Supper was half a dozen boiled shrimp, a chopped tomato, and a lovely plate of green beans with half a potato, a bit of onion, a sprinkle of parmesan and...1 slice of chopped bacon.  Cuz I decided I had already blown the red meat thing.  It wasn't so much bacon, but it was a deliberate, calculated step off the path, just on account that I had already done so today.

That's how I got this way in the first place.  Bad choice.

Summary for the day:

bread 2, protein 4.5, sweets 3, milk 1, veggie 6, fruit 1

So my snack tonight will be yogurt/berries/the wee-est bit of cereal. 

That's enough on food.


  1. So what about how you're feeling? Is it driving you crazy? Do you miss eating what you want? You know, all of the juicy gory details - or just letting you know I'm still reading.

  2. I'm such a dork I didn't see this until now, Sarah! Obviously I need to learn better how blogspot works...