Thursday, August 19, 2010

Having a good day.

Breakfast the usual - toast, peanut butter, skim milk plus the usual add-ons of juice and green tea

Snack a hard boiled egg

Lunch - turkey and pepper jack cheese on a slice of bread with brown mustard.  2 nice size garden tomatoes.  Half a cup of cantaloupe.  What a feast.

Taking baby carrots back to work for my afternoon snack, though they do tend to be a bit awkward to eat at the desk (can you say MOUTHFUL OF CRUNCHINESS?!)

Eating dinner tonight at the home of Stacy, another of the COWS.  Menu sounds fantabulous and well within my paramters.  Watching the Book of Eli, too, about which I am quite excited!

I discovered just now that I think I've been having a wrong double standard on serving sizes.  I have been counting fruit serving sizes as half a cup, but veggies as a whole cup.  Looking further, I think veggies are half a cup too.  Which means I've been eating a spectacular number of servings of veggies. LOL  I discovered this directly AFTER gloriously enjoying 2 tomatoes with salt and pepper.  Ah well, no harm done, methinks, since I don't have a limit on (non-starchy) vegetables.

Life is good.

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