Saturday, August 14, 2010

rules of engagement, farmer's market, and one last hurrah

In my many years of wrestling with or surrendering to weight problems, I have tried all manner of solutions, from Weight Watchers to the Weigh Down Workshop to hiring a personal trainer and more.  If you've fought the battle, you know the drill, so you gotta be wondering:  what is the diet plan for COWS?

Okay here's the thing:  there is not one.  We are each responsible for coming up with our own eating plan, which we have to email to each other.  As John says, "Once the eating plan is submitted, it is LAW."  The idea behind having a plan is that it gives us parameters - less dithering at every meal or snack time about what's to eat, hence, less temptation.  I think it's pretty cool that we can each do our own thing.  I've spent quite a bit of time pondering my eating plan this week; that will be the subject of tomorrow's blog.  

Next rule:  total transparency about our actual weight.  We all have to email each other our real numbers no later than tomorrow (so honey, it AIN'T happening 'til tomorrow!)  We will weigh every 2 weeks (and of course share the number), to keep from getting overly obsessed about the scale (and to keep from pretending to ourselves if we're really not getting anywhere.)

And:  we pledge to call each other when tempted, and to talk each other off the ledge.  Also, to pray for each other daily, individually, and for ourselves to be free. 

All of this combined with a weekly meeting that promises to be both fun and horrifying (I feel no doubt that John will continue to use the Scripture Hammer on us weekly) should come together to grow us toward freedom, together.  

So, knowing that I have to start being scrupulously good tomorrow, I grabbed a friend this morning and headed for the farmer's market.  Here is the day's take:  

     The stuff in the baggie is sweet basil - mmmm GOLLY looking forward to the feast!

Later in the day I stopped by Target, where the groceries are awesomeness, and picked up a few other essentials, including but not limited to lots of frozen fruit and some pre-cooked roasted chicken breast in strips and a nice bag of shrimp.  

At this point I am definitely prepared for battle.

Chatting with Ashely afterward, I was seized by the sudden urge:  must have one last hurrah!  I'm not saying that it's good, right, or smart...but I really enjoyed the feast delivered to my door by Godfather's Pizza.  John the Exterior Conscience and I had a conversation about that much later, and he brought me back around to the place of remembering I wouldn't be so cavalier in chugging a bottle of Jack if I was seeking sobriety, and of course he is right.  Which just goes to prove, I NEED TO DO THIS.  John's idea is we should pray that God will break our hearts in this territory as His is broken.  I really hate it when he says something so smart.  

Okay, I'll do it. 

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