Tuesday, July 5, 2011

size doesn't matter, but it does make me smile

When one lives in that zone that is plus sizes not sold in every store, one learns to dread areas filled with tables and chairs.  People pull out their chairs to sit down and it leaves this little obstacle course of spaces to be navigated.  I have hated that for years; inevitably some NOT plus-sized friend of mine would gallivant obliviously ahead of me through it, leaving me horrified as I tried to squeeze my more ample frame through (and few things feel as undignified to me as my butt squeezing up against somebody's shoulders as I try to wiggle past their chair).  

As the pounds have been leaving me, my dread of these situations has left.  It's been fun to discover that hey, I FIT between those 2 chairs, with room to spare!  That's been happening for a few months and I really noticed it at the music festival from which I just returned. 

I found another such happy milestone while I was out there.  One of the details of "roughing it" was the rather not-so-clean showers - I took my old (read:  much smaller) bath towel with me to the festival.  The first day, I was astonished to discover:  it fits around me!  That hasn't been true for many a year - my "good" towel that I use at home is an enormous one (I think it's called a "bath sheet").  The fun of fitting into a standard-size towel was I started every morning in celebration. 

It also meant I didn't have to inquire whether a 2X (or 3X, as I've had to seek sometimes) was available when I bought my fest t-shirts.

Bringing myself back around to:  this is not about size, it's about letting God teach me to love my body.  And the food choices available to me at the fest were not particularly body-friendly, so heck, maybe I lost ground this past 10 days.  Not sure.  

Meanwhile, though it ain't about the size, that factor IS making me smile.  

I'll take that.

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