Thursday, July 14, 2011

like, wow dude

The human body is a truly miraculous thing.  I continue to be amazed at how mine steps up to the plate and improves as I push it.  

Case in point:  yesterday I did my first day of this 7/3 rotation for my run/walk routine (note the transposition in the order from what I usually say...deliberate to reflect that I really do run a lot more than I walk now).  Like most "first days" of a newer, harder schedule, my body felt it.  When I got home and it was time to climb the stairs, I had to get off and walk the hall between almost every single floor, cuz my knees and back were screaming for mercy and I was WIPED OUT.  

This morning I did it again.  It's only morning 2 of this rotation.  When I came home I was able to climb clear to the 4th floor before needing to walk the hall a bit.  

Amazing, adaptable, incredible, miraculous body.  That's plenty of reason to be grateful!

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