Tuesday, July 12, 2011

running around shrinking as i learn

I never get around to printing out my C25K routine; I always just figure I'll look it up online.  Then, I inevitably pay for that on my first morning of the week, cuz I don't think to check the schedule the night before.  So this morning as I walked out the front door of my building, I was realizing I had NO IDEA what the new run schedule is for this week. 

I made something up - something a little harder than last week.  I didn't get it "right" according to what I read afterward, but I'm not sweating that.  It was just one day, and I pushed myself a bit, and that's the important part.  Still, I'm making a mental note to myself to print that dang schedule out already.

This past weekend I did some shopping (first on Friday, in our shelter's "free store" and then Saturday and Sunday in Kentucky with my daughter, on the retail scene) and I am stunned to find that I consistently wear size 18 now.  It wasn't only that one pair of jeans!  Fun, fun stuff.  

This means I am just a few pounds away from being able to shop off the racks in stores that don't bother catering to plus size people...which will open up a whole world of other possibilities for me.  Again...fun, fun stuff!

Meanwhile the Lord is being faithful to keep me reminded to focus on loving and obeying Him, and letting Him teach me to love this body.  He's rocking my world, changing me all over again, and I like it.

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