Tuesday, July 26, 2011

loosening up and an impending purchase

It's interesting to me to see how my gait changes as I run in the mornings.  There are 3 running (jogging) sections of my routine.  In the first one, I am always very sluggish.  My steps are heavy, my back is stiff, and every step has the feeling of just-about-to-stop.

The second section is a little better.  I step a little lighter, move a little looser, and maybe even go a little faster.

The third section is my favorite...everything in me gets very loose and moves together more the way a body is designed to, I think.  While my steps are still, I think, heavy compared to many...they are sure a lot lighter than in round one.  I feel pretty groovy in the third section.  You might even say I am HAVING FUN.  Weird...Karen Swank can have fun running.  Seems impossible.  

In other news, I am looking forward to getting new shoes as soon as I return to paycheck life.  The ones I am running in now were given to me by my sister, who I think bought them used.  I've had them for I think a couple of years, but haven't ever worn them on a daily basis.  But now I've been doing my weekly senior serving in them for 8 months and running in them for 2 months.  While I don't notice a difference when I put them on, I'm starting to experience a pretty decent amount of pain in my feet for the first hour after my run.  It goes away after that (thank God) but ideally I'd like to avoid it at all.  Sooo...sixish more weeks and I can get new, lovely, supportive shoes for running!  

That's gonna fly by. 

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