Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i think this makes me the turtle, not the hare

This week's running routine (after a 5 minute walking warmup) is:

run 8 minutes
walk 2 minutes
(do 3 rounds of this)

and then of course there is the walking up to the 6th floor at the end.

I continue to be wowed and amazed that this body can do that thing.  This morning's inner celebration was tempered a bit, though, when I realized...oh hey, that guy who is passing me...he's WALKING!  Oh golly.  That'll humble ya. 

This is why my program has to be about me and not about comparing me to other people.  Even though I am accustomed to being the slowest thing on the path (other than a few really old people doing rehab or something), if I were to dwell on the fact that a WALKER passed me while I was "running" it would depress me to no end.

Ah well.  I'm still doing very much more than I used to do.  Still dropping sizes and feeling better day by day.  Still stretching toward real fitness, and seeing a hope that I can get there if I will be faithful to follow the Lord as He teaches me how to love my body for real. 

Today, grace and mercy are good enough for not just others, but also for ME.  That's a good thing.

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