Monday, March 18, 2013

rainy run, app fail, and new shoes in the mail

I always check the weather on my phone and out my window on run mornings.  The phone told me it was 30 degrees and the window told me everything was wet.  Still, I didn't realize it might still be raining until just before I stepped out of my apartment - it was coming down lightly enough to not be easily apparent with the window check.

So I grabbed my headband - I had been thinking I wouldn't need it, at 30 degrees (head gets hot quickly at that temp), but maybe I could use it to stay dry.  Good thing I had it.  30 degrees in rain is not the same animal as 30 degrees on a still clear morning.  

30 and rain always makes me nervous when I'm driving, as you never know when that's going to mean ice.  The streets and sidewalks were fine - presumably the ground is too warm for ice here in March - but the bridge, what with being all air-cooled underneath and all, was one long slick adventure.  So my run was slower than usual - my first priority when running is always to not threaten future runs by injuring myself.  And you don't have to do a huge spectacular fall to hurt your knees or back.  I know this.  It just takes one little slip in the wrong direction to cause major havoc.  

So my steps were even smaller and closer to the ground than usual.  My feet slid a lot, but it was all so controlled that there was neither falling nor injury.  It was so good to finish the bridge part and be back on solid ground that I pushed extra hard for speed on that last quarter mile or so home. 

I had the "map my run" app on the last phone but never used it for fear of broadcasting GPS perfect instructions across the internet on exactly where and when I could be kidnapped.  But I finally have confidence that I can use it without connecting to social media.  So that was the plan this morning - since I'm trying to shift to "training for the Bix" mode, I'd start using it daily.  I did all the setup I thought I needed to do, and off I went.

Problem is I run without glasses at this time of year, due to fogging issues.  So I couldn't see what the screen was actually doing.  So when I got home, I learned that it was telling me I wasn't completely set up.  So much for the stuff at the beginning that said, "Just push RECORD and go!"  Sigh.  Anyway, I did some more setup work after I got home and be-spectacled.  And I'll maybe take the phone on my lunch break and do a practice walk in our long halls at work, to make sure I really know how it works.  Then I can start using it with Wednesday's run.  

In other news, I ordered new running shoes yesterday.  The thing is I can't run more than 3 days a week on my poor old shoes without making my arthritis flare.  And I need to be stepping it up for that training.  So (with apologies to my son, the constant advocate for a sustainable planet/economy), I bought a pair on Amazon.  I know.  It's not shopping local - according to the boy, it's worse than shopping Wal-Mart as far as harming the small business owners.  I feel like a jerk.  But my favorite shoe store was sounding like it might be MONTHS until the next good sale, and I need new shoes NOW.  I'd have to pay $110 plus tax for them at the store; I paid $53 for them, including shipping, online.  So I'm happy they are coming and sorry to my local business owner. 

With the money I saved, I could buy new wool running socks.  All of mine have holes.  What a good idea!



  1. have you checked our Running Wild on Brady in Davenport? They give discounts for membership to some things. Then there is Got Out and Play in Galesburg. I am due to for new shoes and checking out the Galesburg store this time.

    Agree with Caleb on the shop local gig. One smart guy you raised : - )


  2. One more thought - want USA made shoes - so going to look at Newton's this time - the owner and developer is from Aledo!! Jerry Lee from the fantastic Lee family in Aledo.