Monday, March 4, 2013

ahh that's more like it!

The past several Mondays, I have had trouble stretching before my workout.  My muscles have been tight and resistant.  I have had to be careful not to hurt them in the process of trying to stretch them.  

I think that has been because I haven't found the time or made it a priority to get some exercise over the weekends.  After yesterday's bike ride, my muscles were joyously cooperative this morning for the stretch.  

Truth:  I woke up SO EXCITED to get to run outside again.  Though the snow is falling hard now, it was just a little spitting rain when I was out there.  Just enough to make me feel like a badass, and we all know how much Karen loves that.  

Still, I haven't run in a week or two because of the weather.  Have done stairs and such, but not run.  Which means it was a hard push, doing my usual 2.5 miles.  My legs got heavy as lead, even though the rest of me was in happy celebration mode.  

But that's just lost momentum.  I know how to gain it back.  :-)  

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