Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a bit mucked up but at least i have a plan

While I was in Chicago this past weekend, I went to Fleet Feet, the store where I bought my running shoes, hoping to find another.  I got my feet measured again to make sure nothing has changed.  Unfortunately, they had nothing in my size under $110, so I came home without new shoes.  Probably I'll look 'em up on Amazon soon - after all, it is 4 months until the Bix, and if I'm gonna have a prayer of running the entire 7 miles with no walking at all, I need to be getting more serious about training.  

Unfortunately I have not modeled that this week.  I had my running clothes with me when I went to Chicago, but in a moment of not thinking things through fully, I didn't pack my shoes (because "I was going to buy a pair," you know.)  So there was no run on Monday.

And then my brother surprised us all with a visit all the way from Arizona, so I was up too late Monday night to get up and work out yesterday morning.  Which was still not yet stressing me out.  I went to bed last night looking forward to this morning's run. 

But then in the night, I developed some very ouchy pain in 3 of my toes.  As in, every time I rolled over, the feeling of the blankets pushing on them made me suck in my breath and whine.  I'm not sure what that's about, other than I suspect it's because I walked around quite a bit in not-running-shoes this weekend while in Chicago.  Who knows.  Monday night and yesterday, I had a similar sort of pain in my right hand, to the point where I couldn't really pick anything up or squeeze anything without wanting to cry and feeling it go weak.  

All of that seems like joint related stuff, so maybe it's more arthritis showing itself.  For now, I'm going to assume I'm just dehydrated.  After all, I've not been very intentional about water lately.  And I know water makes a major difference in how my joints feel.  So!  Today, I drink, drink, drink water and trust that the pain that left my hand and went to my toes will leave me altogether.

And that I can run tomorrow.  Gotta get training!  

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