Friday, March 1, 2013

indoor workout again

Snow kept me indoors again this morning.  It looks wet out my window.  Last year, I ran in snow quite a bit, but it was mostly powdery dry stuff.  This looks splashy wet, and that's not cool (or, more precisely, it's FREEZING) with my mesh running shoes.  

So instead I stayed in.  Since I WILL NOT be derailed by weather, I resorted to the indoor workout again.  Ten minutes of stairs that felt like an hour and left my leg muscles still trembling an hour later.  I got in 100 crunches, 75 of which were on the ball and the other 25 on the floor.  100 push ups, 75 of which were on the ball and the other 25 on the floor (everything is SO MUCH HARDER on the floor!)  Bunch of arm work with my hand weights.  And 40 or so of those side leg lift thingies, along with 3 rounds of doing the plank until I fell (which is a VERY SHORT time at this point).  

I didn't do my little "rounds" of jumping jacks, squats, etc this week...that was a great workout, but both Tuesday and Thursday my workouts got derailed by very late nights, the nights before.  Keeping my many commitments means, unfortunately, doing NONE of them perfectly.  But I look forward to getting back to those rounds next week.  That was a good workout, for my "off" days.

A friend cued me in to another possibility to aid the indoor workout - the kettlebell, which Wikipedia describes as "a cannonball with a handle." She tells me it's a pretty vigorous workout and it for sure meets my requirement of being usable in darkness and silence and low speed and without allowing that other people might dare to exist on my planet at 5 AM.  :-)  I hear it is way cheap at WalMart ($15) so maybe I'll weather what I hatefully call "the headache store" (because I have my headache before I even get out of the car, when I visit a WalMart Superstore) to get one.  

Someone told me it is going to snow throughout March.  I hope not.  I miss running!!!

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