Wednesday, March 20, 2013

fast good supper, chilly run, frozen peas on my feet

We tend to think healthy food can't be fast or easy.  I had such a great supper last night, and it took me about 10 minutes to make it.  

First, I have to confess to this shortcut - this weekend while I was working around the apartment, I scrubbed up some sweet potatoes and threw them in the oven, so I'd have them on standby for quick meal prep.  

Anyway here it is!  Isn't it gorgeous?  And it was delicious and hit my satisfaction meter on an off-the chart level.  

Easy, easy, easy.  Brussels sprouts:  put about 1/4 inch of water in the bottom of a pan and let it heat to boiling while you're cleaning and prepping the sprouts.  Toss them in the pan.  Cover.  Steam for 5 minutes. Drain.  Salt and pepper and YUM.  

Sweet potato:  heat up just the tiniest bit of butter in a skillet while cutting the potato in half, longways.  (I wanted to keep the skin, for nutrition reasons, but it just popped right off, so never mind about that.)  Lay the 2 halves of potato in the skillet.  Dump in some walnuts (I used a lot - something like a quarter of a cup.)  Sprinkle a bit of nutmeg on the potatoes while heating on medium.  When it's time to flip the potatoes and stir the nuts, add in some banana slices.  You're less than 5 minutes from done at this point.  When it all seems browned to perfection, you're done (and it's a decadently sweet, guilt-free treat.)  

In other news, it was 16 degrees out again this morning for my run at 5:15.  Can you say, "unseasonably cold"?  I got out there and realized the wind was blowing and I should have brought the face warmer.  But I never turn around, once I've headed out (too easy to just quit) so instead I decided to run up Brady Street hill instead of across the Centennial Bridge.  My reasoning was the hill at least has houses and trees around it.  Wind when you're out there all exposed on the bridge can be a darn icy proposal.  So once again, I met my adversary, the hill, and once again, I am triumphant.

My arthritis is really acting up in my left foot this morning.  Sitting here over breakfast, grats and blogging with bags of frozen peas on both feet, trying to reduce the pain.  Hopefully my new shoes will arrive soon and will help.

Meanwhile, it's worth it. 

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