Tuesday, March 5, 2013

countdown workout and an ozzie quote for the day

I did what I am now calling the "countdown workout" this morning, in the warmth and dryness of my apartment, as the beautiful snow fell outside my windows.  You know...the countdown workout:

jumping jacks
jump ropes

First 10 of each, then 9, then 8, etc all the way down to 1.  

I had made the decision last night that this is what I would do.  I now have a little piece of paper with that list typed out, to help me, because as we know, KAREN CANNOT THINK at 5 in the morning.  So I lay the list on the table and have to look at it literally between EVERY SINGLE TRANSITION.  

Still, it's a beautiful thing.  I can do it in my dark apartment, with only the indirect lighting of the streetlights outside.  No noise has to happen.  No other human voices or music I didn't choose.  It's a nice pick for me, for a light workout on my days of not running.  

Here's hoping they clear the sidewalks well today.  I'd love to be back at running tomorrow.

In other news, I saw this quote on my Oswald Chambers site this morning...very apropos to the naked page, methinks (discipline, discipline, discipline...it is our friend, alas):

Much of the misery in our Christian life comes not because the devil tackles us, but because we have never understood the simple laws of our make-up. We have to treat the body as the servant of Jesus Christ: when the body says “Sit,” and He says “Go,” go! When the body says “Eat,” and He says “Fast,” fast! When the body says “Yawn,” and He says “Pray," pray!

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