Monday, March 25, 2013

good habits trump bad attitude, new shoes, and a race hope

My new shoes came last week.  It was all very exciting.  I was super pumped about trying them out this morning, and about the fact that since the Bix is only 4 months away, the shoes should still be in perfectly fine condition on race day.  YAY! 

Then came the March snow.  It snowed all day yesterday, and when I got up this morning I saw that of course no one in my neighborhood had started clearing sidewalks yet.  The snow is that verging-on-rain kind of wet.  Not friendly to shoes made of mesh. 

So me and my bad attitude stayed inside and did the stairs.  20 minutes of them.  And then my "countdown workout."  I never did start liking any of it at all this morning..pretty sure I was just too busy pouting about not getting outside to allow myself enjoyment of the workout.  I'm just awesome like that.   Thank God for good habits, that carry me when "feeling like it" is nonexistent. 

In other news, my son might run the Bix this year.  We talked long about it.  That kind of stuff you have to hold onto loosely, as he's a university student and life sometimes will cooperate with such wants...sometimes not so much.  Still it was fun to talk running talk, at any rate.  And even if he does come...heck, the boy is WAY more fit than me and will probably get a nice nap at the finish line while he waits for his  mother to come waddling on in.  

I still hope he makes it. 

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