Sunday, March 3, 2013


Today I rode my bike!  It was so great.  The weather was somewhere up around 34 degrees or something.  I have found that some of the Iowa bike path is cleared.  I was able to ride over to and around Credit Island, and also the opposite direction from my house for quite awhile before coming to an unplowed area.  

I had to come home and soak in the hot bathtub.  The cold made my knees hurt, and made the fat part of my thunder thighs cold, and that can take many hours to warm back up without help.  Nothing like a nice searing hot soak in a bubble bath to regulate the ol' body temp.  Bubble bath is a very Sunday appropriate activity, don't you think?

Tonight my legs are sore from riding.  Just the right kind of sore.  MAN it's good to have been back out there riding, even if it was just a little 10 miles or so.  

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  BRING ON SPRING!

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