Monday, August 22, 2011

new, new, new

I officially made the move back from Chicago to Rock Island this weekend; I am all unpacked into my super-nifty apartment and moving into a new phase (and *new* is definitely the theme I keep hearing from God at this point.)  

Now begins the challenge of not losing the things I have learned and the lifestyle changes I made in Chicago.  No steam table meals that lend themselves so easily to my little ways I've tricked myself into downsizing my and cooking for myself, I'm going to have to be more careful not to overdo.  No sixth story room...gonna have to find a way to compensate for all the stairs I no longer have to climb (though, as a friend noted, I now live in the land of tremendous hills, so it's not rocket science, how to work that out.)  

This morning, I made it for my morning run (gotta move it back from 5:30 to 5, with my new, earlier work time), which was in the dark.  Since I live on the side of one of those tremendous hills, my 5 minutes of brisk walking to warm up was mostly uphill.  I am happy to say that hill does not kick my butt nearly as hard as it once did.  

This was my first morning of jogging 30 minutes with no walk breaks!  WAHOO!!!  I did it!  Me - Karen Swank!!!  And it wasn't even all that hard!  

If you're following this and teetering on whether or not to try the C25K thing...DOOOOOO IT!  And tell me all about the adventure!

Meanwhile..have a great Monday.  I know I will!

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