Friday, August 5, 2011

free, easy, beautiful

Last night, at my son's prompting, I saw the movie "Tree of Life."  Beautiful piece of cinematic art that left me considering God, love, and release.  I recommend it.

I could have taken the bus there, but the day was way beyond beautiful and I had the time to spare, so I walked the 2.4 miles there at a very leisurely Karen-ish pace (leisurely: 2.4 miles in an hurry, honey).  Discovered (and fell in love with) parts of Chicago I hadn't yet seen.  And relished the fact that getting out and moving is now a joy and a treat to me, not a chore or hardship.  (And afterward, since I was a woman out alone in the big city in the middle of the night, I rode the bus home, cuz being responsible about safety is also part of loving this body, eh?) 

Feasted on a spectacular salad before I went.  Sweet potatoes on the side were definitely good enough to seem like a dessert. 

I am learning:  taking care of this body - loving it in a manner appropriate to the fact that God loves it first and better than I do - it's a lot more fun than I ever would have imagined. 

And letting Him do the work in me?  About a thousand times easier than mustering the will to "be a better person."  Go God. 

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