Thursday, August 18, 2011

stretched a bit

Haven't blogged much lately, mostly because I'm all hardcore about soaking up every last bit of wonderful to be found in this, my final week of living in Chicago.  And then, too, there are the emotions surrounding all of that...extreme joy, extreme sadness, overflowing with memories and anticipation.  Which has led to rather more emotional eating than I care to confess to.  

Still, I have not given up.  

I completed my third run for this week this morning (probably my final Chicago jog).  Ran 14 minutes, walked 1, ran 14, walked 1, and up the steps to the 6th floor.   Next week I begin running 30 uninterrupted minutes a day in Rock Island, and each time will include time on one of those epic Rock Island hills.

Truth:  it was HARD getting out there this morning.  I'm having a ton of late nights (visiting friends, drinking caffeinated beverages too late in the day, lying awake thinking too much, sleeping very lightly with dreams that feel like work) and the cumulative effect was very much felt this morning.  The whole run was one big UGH.  

Still, I made it out there and didn't stop to sit down for a break, which was all my mind wanted to say to me (never had THAT thought before this morning)!  

So, overall, though I'm tired and this loving my body thing feels hard and not very natural just now...I'm still moving forward by the grace of God.

This is good.

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