Tuesday, August 2, 2011

delicious moments

How's the weather where you are?  It's warm here, and more importantly, muggy.  I have gotten so used to the beastly, horrible heat we recently had that 90+ just registers with me as "warm"...the body can be amazingly adaptable, eh?  So yesterday I walked home from work in the "warm" weather and when I arrived I discovered my hair was soaked almost entirely through with sweat.  I guess that's more like hot than warm, eh?

At supper the dining room was full.  I took my plate outside to enjoy the fresh air in the side yard.  There, I discovered that the sprinkler area was flooded.  Better yet...there were somehow, most amazingly, NO CHILDREN outside at all!  I quickly left my supper on a bench table, kicked off my flip flops and headed for the water.  Coooold at first touch, just up over the tops of my toes but not ankle-deep...delicious.  I waded, I watched the water ripple, I kicked and splashed.  It was only a minute or two, but I was cooled, refreshed and delighted like a child when I was done.  

Sometimes learning to love my body is just soaking up the moment.  I'm liking learning this stuff. 

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