Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ungracefully learning

Went out to eat with friends for the past two evenings.  Quickly learned that I still have plenty of work to do re: learning to hear and love my body even in that tempting setting.  I have all my little ways set in place here at my house; they work for that setting, but I'm gonna need to press into God for guidance on slaying the "must feast while in a restaurant" mindset.

Yesterday morning I didn't run, partly because I had sat up talking way too late the night before, but mostly because I stopped to check the weather on my phone before rolling out of bed and it said "isolated thunderstorms."  That was enough to keep sleepy Karen in bed.  As I have stated before, I really do better in making good choices if I do it quickly and without hesitation or backups.

Oh well...I'm learning, right?

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