Sunday, August 28, 2011

rest, a walk, and back to the routine

Been resting heartily this weekend.  Lots of time on the couch, lots of naps, many, many glasses of water to drink.  Walked to church and back today (1.3 miles each way) at a lovely, slow, very un-Chicago pace - hardly broke a sweat (that was the objective: don't be sweaty for church.)  The sunshine and exercise did a nice job of lifting me out of what was starting to feel like a bit of a dark cloud (though I find Rock Island drivers MUCH less aware of pedestrians/much less safe to me as a walker than Chicago drivers).

Supper tonight was the best meal I've had yet since moving back:  half a blackened salmon salad, and a whole fresh tomato with salt and pepper.  Ohhhhhh YEAH! 

Tomorrow morning, back to the weekday schedule, including my morning run.  The rest has been nice, but I am looking forward to work, too.  

Which makes me blessed. 

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