Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the value of quick, decisive action

This morning I was tempted to skip my walk/run.  I have resolved to run 5 mornings a week, though the plan only calls for 3 times.  Why?  Because weather, life, etc have a way of changing plans.  So if I shoot for 5 mornings a week, I will more than likely make the 3 times almost always.  And at this point I am only intensely moving for about 20 of the 30 minutes I'm out there, so I don't believe my body needs a rest between days.

So this morning when the alarm went off and I was wiped out from a fairly thought-filled, mostly sleepless night, I was tempted not to go.  After all, I only needed 3 runs this week and I already got 2 out of the way on Monday and Tuesday...and still had Thursday and Friday that I could use.  After all, I was tired from the not sleeping so much.  After all, why not treat myself to sleeping in a bit?

I got out of bed FAST when that conversation started happening.  It's a thing I'm learning about loving my body:  hurry and do the right thing.  Don't think it over, don't reason, don't give room to do something else.  Just quickly and decisively do the right thing.  So when I'm making my plate at the line, I put the amount I should have and then quickly move on...if I stand there a second, I WILL add a second scoop/portion of whatever it is.  Early on in this process, I was having pizza and commiserating with a friend late one night.  I paused, thought, gave myself the excuse...and polished off half a large, overloaded pizza with a smile.  There's not room for that if I'm going to love my body by my actions.  

I'm not so surprised it works like this.  After all, in life in general I stay the most faithful to what God shows me if I just quickly do what I know He said to do.  When I start drawing out excuses and long legal-loophole type arguments...there I go, running off in the wrong direction.  It doesn't take much encouragement to send me that direction.   

This isn't at all where I thought I was going with tonight's blog!  Oh well..following as I go.  I'll pick up where I thought I was going tomorrow...maybe....!

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  1. haha...way to keep us in suspense...