Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fun stuffies ahead

Couple of fun opportunities happening this week that will be very good for my body as well as being experiences to remember:

Friday night some friends and I are riding the Chicago Critical Mass.  A short summary of that:  hundreds of bikes taking over the streets of Chicago, making their monthly statement along with other riders worldwide that "bikes are traffic" and pushing a bit for greener, healthier living than life inside one's car.  It looks to be a party on wheels. My sneak preview at the proposed route for this month shows it to be a 22-mile route.  I'm gonna break my record again!  YAY!

Saturday morning some of us from my house are participating in the Greater Chicago Food Pantry's 26th Annual Hunger Walk.  This is a 5K, which I am confident I can do, thanks to the C25K training I've been doing and 8 months of Chicago living.  

I'm awfully glad to be doing these things; next week is Cornerstone Festival and I'm feeling a little unsure how doing my C25K routine will work out in a giant hayfield, with my body sore from sleeping on the ground in a tent in what looks to maybe be a lot of rain.  Happily, I know I can just pick up where I left off when I get home, if the Fest trashes my routine for the week.   

I'm not being ironic nor sarcastic when I say:  my life is awesome. 

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