Monday, June 13, 2011

picking up the pace a bit - easier than i had guessed!

Back to my walk/run this morning.  I am on my third week of the C25K program and started the "week 2" schedule this morning.  It boils down to:  

*warm up walk for 5 minutes
*20 minutes of the alternating these:
     *90 seconds of running
     *2 minutes of walking
*cool down walk for 5 minutes

Mine gets the boost that I arrive home to do stairs up to the 6th floor to get back to my room.  Had to walk the hall on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th this morning - Mondays are hard.  But I didn't get on the elevator...SCORE.  

I am amazed that I can keep running (well, it's more JOGGING than running) for 90 seconds.  I would have guessed that would just about knock me down.  But I was actually almost completely catching my breath in the 2-minute walk segments.  Cool beans.  

I love progress.

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