Monday, June 6, 2011

unglamorous but good

I realized as I was walking out the front door this morning that I hadn't checked the C25K schedule to see what the change is for this week.  Oh well.  I just did the same thing I was doing last week - 90 seconds walking, 60 seconds jogging, repeat etc.  I'm thinking I'll just repeat that again for this whole week.  When I read the article on how it works, I recall seeing that doing any week more than once is's okay to "get it down" before moving onto the next, harder level.  There were cautions not to skip ahead, but lots of freedom to slow it down.  Since I've been the queen of Starting Things in a Great Big Hurry and then Totally Failing, I'm thinking abandoning the great big hurry approach is a good plan.  Gonna go gently - after all, the idea is for this to be a life change, not just a temporary project.  From that perspective, why does it matter how soon I advance, as long as I'm sticking to the goal of loving my body by treating it well?  

Enjoyed some great weekend bike rides, and working the stairs in my building ever more and the elevators ever less.  

Progress.  It ain't glamorous, but it does feel good.

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