Thursday, June 16, 2011

7, 8, 9...CHEER!!!

On Wednesday nights, I have a supper Bible study on the 9th floor of my building.  I always take the elevator, due to this fun little senseless rule I've had about not taking the stairs when I'm carrying food (whatever it takes, people!)  

Last night, the front elevators were out of commission momentarily when my plate was filled.  I headed for the back.  The line was long.

I took the stairs.  TO THE NINTH FLOOR!  Carrying food, even.  :-)  

I had to get off the stairwell and walk the halls 3 times on the trip up.  Nonetheless, I got to the 9th floor without "lift assistance."  

Dude.  Awesome. 


  1. You make me I sit right now....

    Laurie B.

  2. I like you how you say Dude a lot :)

  3. i wouldda made it to the top probably....but the food deffinately wouldda been gone! just sayin...

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