Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, the bad news is I don't totally "own" the plank yet. Tonight I fell down 3 times.  Shoot.

Nonetheless, I'm counting today a victory:

*I squeezed 40 minutes of walking in on my lunch break (the gorgeous weather made it more or less impossible not to walk.)

*Supper tonight included some sort of chocolately frosted deliciousness brownie-ish looking things...and I gazed longingly at them and walked on without one.

*I didn't want to go to my workout tonight - had a massive battle with myself in my room and only made it into my sweats and down the elevator by the skin of my teeth.  Got there and a complication and delay re: our workout room offered me a possibility of slinking quietly away.  Won another battle against that temptation.  Stayed.  Worked out.  



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