Thursday, February 17, 2011

stop the world! i have an announcement!

Tonight, I DID THE PLANK.  You know, that thing that's kind of like a man's pushup only on the elbows instead of the hands...hold the position for some unreasonable amount of time...before tonight, I have only been able to fall down repeatedly while the other ladies held their positions.  I would fall maybe 5 or 6 times while they were

Tonight, I DID NOT FALL!  I shook, I sweated, I nearly swore...but I did not fall!!!!

Glory, hallelujah, there is hope.

Hey body, I'm starting to have fun and I think you are too...


  1. Okay...woops. I wasn't paying attention. I mean it's there in BIG LETTERS --- NAKED DIETING. But (silly me), I thought this was one of your regular writing blogs and so I friended into a girly blog. Oh, well.

  2. so...I'm backing out the door...eyes to the floor (hey that rhymed)...muttering promises not to come back...