Sunday, February 27, 2011


There is a trick I play on myself to help control my portions:  get a salad. The salad goes in a bowl.  The bowl goes on my plate.  The other stuff has to fit around the bowl.  No getting an extra plate or bowl allowed, and definitely no holding the bowl separately.  

It's an especially nice trick on Sunday nights, which are spaghetti night here.  After an afternoon outside walking around, I wasn't in the mood for salad.  It's cold; so was I.  I wanted hot food.  I wanted to skip the salad.  But I knew what would happen if there was no bowl of salad on there:

 Happily for me, that is clip art, and not my real dinner.

This business of loving my body enough to train it in portion control is hard.  I've been going to bed hungry every night for something like a couple of weeks.  It is of course not REAL hunger...just a desire to have what I want, when I want it, and always more and more of it.  

The fun thing is I'm seeing some results.  Clothes are getting baggier and the profile pic I took today shows less "double-" in the chin.  While I am very focused on the fact that this is about learning to love my body and not about looking better, what I see says I'm loving it well. 

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