Saturday, February 19, 2011

imperfect execution and choosing rest

Didn't make it to my workout class today.  DID get a couple of hours of walking-around time in, so the day doesn't feel like a failure in that department.  I was invited to go with a group tonight...they were walking 45 minutes one way.  I really wanted to go - was excited about hanging out with friends, looking forward to seeing more of the city lit up at night, feeling good about the possibility of more exercise.  But...again with the tops of my feet and my ankles.  I had my shoes off by 6:30 PM and couldn't imagine putting them back on.  Darn it.  

I've had them mostly elevated ever since.  I'm headed into an extra-busy week with more than my usual amount of physical activity.  I really don't want to start that out in pain.  

Last night I went to bed hungry...the workout zapped everything out of me that supper had built up.  I learned this important fact:  I DON'T DIE from going to bed hungry.  I know this, but it was good to translate it from head knowledge to practice.  I have tended to run for snacks when I'm hungry at night.

Looks like tonight I'll go 2 for 2 on that front.  Craving a giant bowl of cereal.  

I have a very clear understanding just now in my head that what I'm doing with my body is the same thing I've had to do with an overly tired, whiny kid from time to time:  know what it needs, and not listen to its demands for what is not at all good for it.  

Gonna sleep instead.

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