Sunday, February 13, 2011

body talk

I don't like it when my body talks to me in negative terms about my age and/or lack of fitness.

Yesterday my ankles and the TOPS of my feet hurt - a lot.  I had spent quite a bit of time on my feet Friday night, standing in one spot without relief - I guess that was what brought on the pain.  They hurt even when I was sitting or laying in bed, but they REALLY hurt when I stood on them.  I spent the day in slippers, off my feet as much as possible.  Shoes were not even an option - the mere thought made me cringe.  Rest and massage did very little to reduce the pain.  I was so bugged about it that I wasn't willing to write about it or even talk about it.  My inner critic spent the day explaining to me that I am a hopeless case and will never get in decent shape.  Argh.

Today they were still pretty sore, but I was able to put on shoes.  Trying to push through, I went for a 2-hour walk along Lake Michigan.  It was a great walk and I'm glad I did it.  But my ankles and the tops of my feet begged for mercy all the way...and by the second half of the walk, the bottoms of my feet and one knee had joined the chorus.  

Still, I'm glad I went.  Tonight I am sitting with my feet elevated and wrapped in warm blankets, trying to reduce the pain.  I'm frustrated at the pain and actually I'm embarrassed by it.  

What I need now is some wisdom.  I know that sometimes one needs to push through pain to get fit; I also fear that sometimes my body is sending a message I need to hear.  I don't know the difference between the two times.

It occurs to me that other joints are "talking" too...maybe I'm just really dehydrated or maybe reacting to the cold (she says as she types wearing gloves).  

In other news, I resisted pizza again today.  I'm glad it costs money - that is very helpful to me as make my choices.

Feeling like kind of a dummy tonight.  But ain't no way but through, eh?

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  1. Okay sister. You have GOT to go to the T-tapp website. This is the workout for you. I promise. Check it out, plz. I know the perfect workout for you.