Friday, February 25, 2011

uncomfortably hopeful

It has been a week of a bit more physical labor than usual for me, and along with that, more of that blasted top-of-foot, ankle and leg pain.  Been rockin the heating pad and the Aleve.  Tonight there are some fun things happening in my house.  I'd love to be there, but I'm in bed with my feet elevated.  Gotta get this pain under control, as tomorrow promises 7+ hours of physical work.  Don't want to start out in pain.

Sometimes being "no longer 21" is not so much fun.  

Tonight I am particularly grateful that the approach is "learning to love my body well" and not "yearning and pushing toward a hotter bod."  There is comfort, patience, and a long-term view in this, as I realize that the only way out of more nights like tonight is to get the bod into a condition that doesn't go so quickly to pain.  

It'll take more pain to get to that place.

Love demands seeking it, anyway.


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