Saturday, January 21, 2012

snow ride! WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

How's your weekend going?

Having had a crazy busy week, I decided today would be about rest.  Met with some friends in the morning, and ran out just long enough to pick up my dry cleaning and order that new bike seat I mentioned a few days ago.  Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I then spent the next few hours blowing up the wall with posts of interesting stuff I read - I do love me some good reading time.  

Along about 3 PM, the sunlight streaming in my window suddenly caught my attention.  Though I had been admiring the snowy scene between reads, until then I hadn't pondered whether the weather was ride-able.  I checked the weather on my iphone.  21 degrees!  What was I doing inside on such a beautiful afternoon?!

I quickly threw on some warmer clothes, got my bike rack out of the trunk and loaded Lulu up to go to the bike path, lacking the courage to ride on potentially slick roads (I'm nervous about even driving my car amongst some drivers out there in "weather," you know?). 

I quickly discovered what I suspected would be true:  the bike path had not been cleared.  I don't suppose there are enough crazies in the QC to justify clearing the path.  Still, I needed to at least try!  Here are some scenes from the path:

You can see that those crazy runners have been through...
Going over the rough patches of ice under the railroad bridge, I slid and wobbled enough to pray "shrewish wife" "LORD!" prayers and He propped me up....whew...
I walked almost as much as I rode, doing my best (successfully) not to fall down and go boom.  If I'm going to do much more snow riding, I need to look into snow chains for Lulu's tires.
A few areas (the high, flat spots) were fairly clear of snow and ice.
Beauty, eh?
Here are some pictures of Lulu gettin' her sexy on:

There was one logistical thing I never did work out:  darned foggy glasses.  I need to order the terrorist mask SOON!

Don't you wish your gf was hot like me?

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